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Kia Ora and gidday. Welcome to Ki Aura Films. We are a boutique film production company in New Zealand, at the bottom of the world, next door to Australia (yes, folks, there IS a gap between us - It's called the Tasman Sea. We ARE two different countries).

Ki Aura is the Japanese word ki meaning energy or life-force, and aura refers to the human aura. Spoken aloud, Ki Aura sounds like kia ora the Maori greeting hello or blessing. Just so you know.

Even though Ki Aura is Down Under, things can't be too bad: we have been the top travel destination now for three or four years, and - if the rumours are true - apparently Hollywood wants to move to New Zealand. So long as they bring lots of dosh and treat us nicely we don't mind a bit. Ahem.

Ki Aura Films has a focus on both digital and film as mediums to tell stories that remind us of who we really are - that spark within each of us, which goes by many names. Mostly, we want to tell stories that that take you away from your everyday worries and put you back at the end, refreshed, renewed, and perhaps feeling better than when you sat down in the dark picture theatre with the expectation of being entertained. So grab your virtual popcorn, ice-cream cone, coffee or whatever you fancy, sit back and have a cruise around the site and see what's what.

We also worship the small box in the corner of your living room. However, our main focus is the motion picture industry.

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